Mid- to high-throughput nucleic acid purification

QIAcube HT performs mid- to high-throughput automated purification of nucleic acids in a 96-well format. The instrument is based on silica membrane technology and thus yields high quality nucleic acids intended to be used for molecular biology applications.

Safe and standardized

The QIAcube HT can be used for purification of a wide range of compounds such as DNA, RNA and miRNA from virtually all sample types, including cells, tissues, stool samples, raw or processed food material as well as bacteria and viruses. In order to keep a safe environment within the instrument, a HEPA filter is used to purify the air and maintain a positive air pressure while the UV light decontaminates the worktable and prevents cross-contamination. There is also a tip ejection feature, making sure that used tips are collected externally thereby keeping the internal workspace clean, as well as dedicated plasticware ensuring reliability and convenience.

Simple integration in workflows

The straight-forward purification procedure can seamlessly be integrated in a number other workflows. The eluted nucleic acids samples are collected in tubes that are compatible with downstream applications carried out in QIAgility, Rotor-Gene Q or other detection systems. Purification steps can easily be included into more complex workflows. The simplicity of the procedure is also enhanced by its intuitive software, where the graphical user interface simulates the instrument worktable and allows a run to be initiated with only a few mouse clicks. The data from each run as well as bar codes and other specific information is easy to manage and can readily be integrated in the Laboratory Information Managements Systems (LIMS). The combination of being a high quality, high-throughput bench-top instrument and having a noticeably compact design, makes it a valuable option for biosafety level laboratories.

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