Sample preparation for low-throughput needs

QIAcube performs fully automated purification of DNA, RNA or proteins using QIAGEN spin-column kits, and can purify up to 12 samples per run. It follows a simple lyse, bind, wash and elute procedure and eliminates all manual steps usually necessary for purification. It swiftly purifies double- or single stranded DNA fragments from 100 bp to 10 kb as well as 6xHis tagged proteins. The sample preparation is standardized giving rise to high yields of high quality samples in a reproducible manner. Tests have proven that there is no sample carryover. These qualities thereby render the instrument suitable for research laboratories in the fields of pharmacology, biotechnology and biomedicine. It is recommended for downstream applications such as sequencing, gene expression analysis, genotyping and proteomics.

Versatile high quality purification

The QIAcube can be used for a wide range of starting materials, e.g. to purify plasmid DNA from E. coli cultures, DNA from amplification reactions and also from agarose gels, genomic DNA from blood or body fluids, viral nucleic acids from plasma, serum or cell-free body fluids, total RNA from animal cells and RNA samples, 6xHis-tagged proteins from E. coli cultures or eukaryotic cells as well as enable depletion of serum proteins from serum or plasma. In total, more than 60 different QIAGEN spin-column kits can be automatically processed by the QIAcube with 150 predefined protocols.

Simple integration in workflows

The process can easily be integrated into more complex workflows as there are integrated safety features, such as load checks designed to ensure that all labware and accessories are fitted correctly. The software has a user-friendly interface and can be operated without any previous knowledge. Since QIAcube does not require an external PC and is preinstalled with protocols for the purification mentioned above, the purification setup is exceptionally simple and saves valuable space in the laboratory.

Case Study QIAcube


The Challenge

The majority of nucleic samples preps are done manually by the scientist at low throughput with 1-12 samples at a time. Can we help scientist to automate their sample prep tasks and free up their time for more important scientific work?

The Goal

Automate the manual nucleic acid purification process, while leaving the manual purification chemistry and protocols unchanged. The scientist would not have to re-validate their workflows and the hurdle to switch. Keep the sales price for the system below the investment barrier at the average Universities and Research Institutions. The hurdle to switch to an automated method is minimal.

The Approach

Identify appropriate automation technology to process manual spin columns; positive pressure, vacuum, centrifugation. Automated centrifuge with integrated consumable handling Sophisticated disposable centrifuge cartridge for sample processing and liquid waste handling. Establish a corporate instrument design and branding. Design to cost for higher volume production.

The Result

Many thousand units have been installed. QIAcube has become the reference automated low throughput nucleic acid purification and is still unrivaled in its market.

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