Low-throughput sample disruption

The TissueRuptur II is a hand-held homogenizer with a rotating blade used to rapidly disrupt a range of fresh or frozen biological sample types in order to enable purification of RNA, DNA and proteins. Most sample types can be thoroughly processed within a minute. Although only one sample can be handled at a time, the fact that the probe is disposable ensures the user to process a large number of samples within a short time without compromising on sample quality.

Speed and safety

A typical run takes 15–120 seconds, and the rotating blade operates within a variable speed range of 5,000–35,000 rpm. The sample is simply submerged in lysis buffer (animal tissues) or liquid nitrogen (plant material), and disruption at full speed for approximately 30 seconds is usually sufficient for complete homogenization of the sample. The TissueRuptur II is provided with disposable probes, thus eliminating the risk of cross-contamination. Furthermore, the probes are transparent, which means that the disruption process easily can be monitored visually thereby ensuring a complete homogenization. Efficient disruption of the samples is a prerequisite for efficient nucleic acid and protein purification.

Multiple downstream applications

The TissueRuptur is intended for molecular biology applications relying on thorough and rapid disruption of biological samples. Efficient homogenization ensures that the samples can give high yields of DNA, RNA and proteins to be used in genotyping, gene expression studies or proteomics. The simplicity of the disruption process means that it can seamlessly be integrated in any pre-existing sample purification workflows. Published results based on the use of TissueRuptur and sample preparation kits demonstrate that the TissueRuptur ensures efficient disruption and homogenization of animal tissues, successful purification of phosphoproteins, high performance results in PCR, as well as reproducible purification of high-quality genomic DNA.

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