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The TubeSealer is an integrateable module that automatically, safely and reliably seals qPCR tubes and plates.

It consists of a proprietary, patented technology, that closes PCR tubes with spherical beads. The beads are carefully applied from a storage container by a plunger and forced into the tube opening with a controlled and supervised actuator. An integrated optical sensor performs a 100% load check of the closed tubes. Loading beads onto the system is easy by clipping in a new storage container.

The bead dispenser holds up to 360 beads of 4 mm diameter. Cross-contamination safe sealing of the sample tubes is ensured thanks to the design of the module.

The TubeSealer can also be used as stand-alone unit in a manual workflow. Then, the only manual intervention steps required are sample loading and selection of a suitable pattern to define which tubes or plates need to be sealed.

The TubeSealer module delivers highly flexible tube sealing that can be adapted to any workflow. It can be used in low- as well as high-throughput workflows and can be adapted to a wide range of tube types and layouts. A cooling plate positioned below the sample plate can be used to prevent sample degradation.

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Technical details TubeSealer Module

  • Highest process safety through an automated process
  • Maximal sealing tightness
  • Cross-contamination safe sealing
  • Flexible sealing from individual tubes to whole plates
  • Adaptable to different vessel formats and layouts (96-well plates, discs, conveyor belts, etc.)
  • Easy to integrate into complex automated workflows

Bead Dispenser Features

Image module
  • Proprietary bead dispenser – ready-to-use, snap-on consumable
  • Cross-contamination safe bead handling through disposable bead dispenser
  • Prefilled with beads, the disposable bead dispenser is easy to use
  • Ensures a 100% bead release rate
  • Random access capability (sealing of tubes in different positions)
  • Holds 360 beads of 4 mm diameter
  • Adaptable to a variety of tube/bead sizes
  • Reduces hands-on processing time
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