A rapidly changing market, interdisciplinarity, and technological breakthroughs, such as CRISPR, mean companies must rapidly adapt to ensure their success or risk being left behind. Molecular diagnostics has revolutionized the healthcare decision-making process opening up unlimited opportunities for companies in molecular testing, next-generation sequencing, and development of medical devices. Tapping into our experience ensures your success.

  • Dedicated support at the interface of systems engineering and in vitro applications
  • High level of experience plus key technology and application knowledge
  • Proven track record in developing cutting-edge solutions
  • In-depth knowledge of market and regulatory requirements
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Human Diagnostics
Supporting in vitro diagnostics from application-centric development through to successful regulatory submissions
Life Science
Cutting-edge developments in life science and systems engineering enable your next breakthrough
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System Development
Our proven track record in systems engineering enables us to successfully handle the complexities of workflow automation.
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Application Automation and Lab Testing
We automate and verify genomic applications with all major amplification and sequencing procedures within our own laboratories.
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We guide you through industrialization of your product, from successful design transfer to manufacturing scale-up.
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OEM Modules
Our proven combination of OEM modules, platform technologies and systems accelerates your development and shortens time-to-market.
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Whether you are looking for new technical approaches to automate laboratory workflows, you need to ensure regulatory compliance of your product, or you want to reduce costs and shorten the time-to-market, we have the tools to ensure your business growth. We specialize in turning ideas into cutting-edge solutions, so simply contact us and tap into our technology and application knowledge.

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