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Bridging the daunting knowledge gap between biology and systems engineering is one of the biggest challenges for successful development of automated applications.

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Deciding on whether to grow your existing instrumentation business or to expand into new application fields is a critical decision that directly impacts business profitability.

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Obtain regulatory approval and ensure or achieve regulatory compliance.

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System development is highly complex and requires methods to enable biologists and engineers to design all steps of the automated workflow.

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The competition to launch new products and capture market share is fierce, and a short time-to-market is crucial.

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Industrialization of a prototype is a lengthy process requiring upfront consideration of essential factors for business profitability such as cost optimization (COGS).

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The highly complex field of systems engineering requires a high level of expertise to select the best automated solution for a biological application.

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Increasing pressure to save time and money means that existing workflows must be optimized for maximum efficiency.

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Automating a manual workflow is a difficult process, particularly if the workflow includes data handling and result interpretation, and requires successful interdisciplinary work.

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Whether you are looking for new technical approaches to automate laboratory workflows, you need to ensure regulatory compliance of your product, or you want to reduce costs and shorten the time-to-market, we have the tools to ensure your business growth. We specialize in turning ideas into cutting-edge solutions, so simply contact us and tap into our technology and application knowledge.

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System Development
Our proven track record in systems engineering enables us to successfully handle the complexities of workflow automation
We guide you through industrialization of your product, from successful design transfer to manufacturing scale-up
We have established partnerships with worldclass manufactures, with global reach and IVD compliant infrastructure
Life Cycle Management
Benefit from our team’s experience to ensure form, fit, function and regulatory compliance after product launch
Project Management
Draw on our in-depth knowledge of agile project management and risk mitigation to protect your business and development investments and to assure the success of your projects
OEM Modules
Our proven combination of OEM modules and systems engineering accelerates your development and shortens time-to-market
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