Automated nucleic acid purification

The EZ1 Advanced XL is a desktop instrument designed to perform automated isolation and purification of nucleic acids, such as eukaryotic DNA, mRNA, total RNA as well as viral RNA and DNA. The system is based on proven magnetic bead technology and can process up to 14 samples in each run in 20 minutes. The process consists of reading the reagent and sample information with a bar code scanner, lysing the samples, binding the nucleic acids to the beads, washing and finally eluting the nucleic acids.

Safety and accuracy

The integrity of the samples and the reproducibility of the procedures are ensured by the design of the instrument. A UV light is used for decontamination, efficiently eliminating any Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria inside the instrument. In addition, a sensor makes sure the instrument door is closed during sample preparation, thereby further protecting sample integrity. Manual intervention is kept to a minimum by providing EZ 1 Kits containing all necessary reagents in a format that can be processed automatically by the instrument, from the opening of reagent cartridges to the elution of nucleic acids. Furthermore, the instrument contains high-precision syringe pumps with tip adapters holding filter tips, which can aspirate and dispense 50–1000 µl liquid with exceptionally high accuracy.

Traceability and versatililty

Samples and consumables can easily be tracked using the bar code reader and the manual keyboard. All system parameters and run data are stored in the system and are readily accessible. The instrument will generate a pdf and a csv result file after each run. The report files can either be exported to a LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) or other programs for any downstream applications. The provided EZ1 Kits are available for a large number of applications used in forensics, biomedical research, molecular diagnostics and gene expression analysis.

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