Liquid Handling

Automation for accuracy

The increasing demand for reliable high-throughput protocols in medical research and life science applications has created a growing market of automated liquid handling systems. They provide the required accuracy and reproducibility for state-of-the-art PCR, NGS technologies as well as sample preparation for the other downstream processes. Moreover, the automated systems are enabling large-scale studies and saving a lot of time for the laboratory personnel.

Reproducible pipetting

Automated pipetting systems are robotic instruments used to dispense predefined volumes of reagents and samples into vessels such as test tubes or 96-well plates in order to avoid manual intervention thereby ensuring consistent accuracy and reproducibility. These instruments feature robotic hands which handle single or multi-channel pipettes matching tip arrays. Instruments that utilize liquid displacement pipetting technology offer the choice between fixed and disposable tips and a wide range of pipetting volumes. Air displacement technology on the other hand eliminates the need for daily maintenance, since system liquids aren’t required. Today, there are automated pipetting systems offering both of these technologies. The advanced designs of the automated pipetting systems offer safe and reliable pipetting while preventing contamination and carry-over simultaneously that is a prerequisite for most downstream molecular biology applications today.

For information about products based on this technology, see QIAgility, QIAsymphony AS

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