Magnetic Bead Extraction

Fast and easy purification

A commonly used approach for nucleic acid extraction is based on magnetic bead technology. The sample containing the nucleic acids is mixed with a solid phase consisting of silica-coated magnetic beads. Since the nucleic acids will bind to the beads, they can easily be separated from the remaining solution thanks to their magnetic properties. After the separation, the beads are first washed before the nucleic acids are released from the beads by immersing them into elution solution.

A wide range of starting materials

Magnetic bead technology allows extraction and purification of eukaryotic, bacterial as well as viral DNA and RNA from a wide range of biological materials such as blood, tissues, as well as other type of materials like bacteria, viruses and plants. The purified nucleic acids can be used in downstream applications in biomedical research, molecular diagnostics and gene expression analyses.

For information about a product based on this technology, see EZ1 Advanced XL.

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