Rapid and reliable DNA and RNA analysis

The QIAxcel Advanced System is specifically designed for quick and accurate DNA and RNA analysis and thereby allows efficient and simple workflows. The instrument carries out sensitive high-resolution capillary electrophoresis of 96 samples per run in a few simple steps. The operator simply loads the gel cartridge, fills and loads the buffer tray, loads the samples and selects the process profile. Since it is an automated instrument, it is safe and suitable for high-throughput applications There is no need for gel preparation and the amount of hands-on work is minimized, thereby increasing the reproducibility and saving time and costs.

Software for easy quality control and quantification

QIAxcel ScreenGel Software is an interactive and user-friendly tool for data collection and analysis. The features can easily be customized and settings, such as run parameters, alignment and DNA size markers and even reagent lot numbers, can be adapted to the user’s applications. Furthermore, the software features RNA Integrity Score (RIS) which is used to measure the quality and integrity of the analyzed RNA samples. Since the measurement is objective, it’s a useful tool for quality control in all workflows that require RNA integrity, so that only high-quality samples are used throughout the workflows. Finally, the software also supports safe data handling, so that the data are password-protected and automatically saved and archived.

Wide range of applications

With its wide range of applications, the instrument is well suited for both academic and industrial laboratories. It can be preprogrammed to separate and analyze single or multiple PCR fragments, digested DNA, genomic DNA, synthesized oligonucleotides, total RNA and cRNA. Thereby, it can for example be used for bacterial genotyping, PCR fragment analysis, mutation detection, quality control of genomic DNA, detection of food allergens, pre-sequencing testing, NGS library QC as well as total RNA and cRNA for RT-PCR. The versatility, efficiency and reliability of the instrument make it an incredibly useful tool in any workflow including DNA and/or RNA analysis.

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