Fast check of nucleic acids

QIAxpert is a microfluidic UV/VIS spectrophotometer used to discriminate between DNA and RNA and sample impurities by using unique spectral profiling protocols. The instrument can easily quantify up to 16 samples of nucleic acids within 2 minutes and highly accurate readings can be made from just 2 µl of sample. Nucleic acid quantification and quality control can be performed by simply pipetting the samples on a microfluidic slide, placing it into the reader and selecting the method on the intuitive, integrated touchscreen. Thanks to the capillary channels in the slides, evaporation is prevented so that the samples can be preserved for up to 2 hours.

High reproducibility

Serial dilutions of samples from gDNA have proven that the quantifications measured by the system are in high concordance with the actual concentrations thus yielding accurate and reliable quantifications. Furthermore, repeated quantification across the complete dynamic range of concentrations of dsDNA samples has proven the measurements to be highly reproducible, having minimal standard deviations and thus low variability between the samples.

Intuitive software

Since QIAxpert features an integrated touchscreen, so that no additional hardware is needed. The QIAxpert Software is designed to be fast and easy to use and can selectively quantify DNA, RNA and proteins in the samples. The specific amounts of DNA, RNA and contaminant in the samples can swiftly be determined by the intelligent software algorithms and comprehensive reports can be viewed directly on the integrated screen or exported to a USB stick and viewed on a computer or even a smart device by scanning a QR code. The report options are flexible, so that either html, CSV or txt formats can be selected for viewing the data. QIAxcel thereby offers a unique combination of features for fast and flexible nucleic acid quality control and quantification.

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