Singe-Cell Isnolation

Individual and viable cells

Single cell isolation is a prerequisite for a number of medical and biochemical applications, such as RT-qPCR, cellular phenotype determination, NGS (RNA sequencing and whole genome sequencing), protein analysis with labeled antibodies and genotyping. For these applications, it is crucial that truly individual cells have been isolated and that these cells are viable. In large scale-studies, it’s also essential to avoid labor-intensive methods. Therefore, various methods and devices, that increase the efficiency of single cell isolation have been developed.

Magnetic technology

One time-saving approach is based on magnetic technology. Here, the cells are cultivated on arrays packed with thousands of magnetic microrafts, where each raft is designed to hold single cells. The cells of interest are identified using a microscope, and the corresponding microrafts are dislodged from the array using a magnetic wand and finally transferred to a test tube or a cell culture dish. This method ensures minimal manipulation of the cells and cell viability for several days, thereby providing a good option for a wide range of downstream applications.

For information about products based on this technology, see QIAscout.

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