Spin-Column Extraction

Fast and efficient purification

Extraction and purification of RNA, DNA and proteins has been made exceptionally easy since the introduction of the silica-based spin columns in the 1980s. Spin-column extraction is a solid phase extraction method, which utilizes the fact that the target molecules bind to immobilized silica in the column. The cells are first lysed in lysis buffer and the lysate is allowed to bind to the silica in the spin-column. In order to force the solutions through the solid phase, the column is put in a benchtop centrifuge. The washing steps, including centrifugation, remove all impurities. The molecules of interest are finally eluted with an appropriate solution and centrifugation. The type of starting material and solutions used in the protocol will dictate the contents of the eluate.

A wide range of starting materials

Spin-column-based protocols for the extraction and purification of DNA, RNA or proteins have been developed for a wide range of biological materials such as blood, tissues, as well as other type of materials like bacteria, viruses, and plants. The purified biomolecules can be used in downstream applications in biomedical research, molecular diagnostics and gene expression analyses.

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