TubeSealer module enables automated qPCR tube sealing

The TubeSealer is a module that performs fully automated sealing of qPCR reaction vessels. It consists of a proprietary bead dispenser (1,2) that dispenses beads into each selected vessel using a plunger. The plunger applies a defined force to the beads to achieve maximal tightness.

Pure reliability

The bead dispenser holds up to 360 beads of 4 mm diameter, which are dispensed at a 100% dispensation rate securing high reliability. A plunger presses the beads into each vessel, efficiently sealing them for the subsequent qPCR. The design of the instrument inherently prevents any cross-contamination between the samples. To further increase the safety of the process, the tightness of the seal is checked and confirmed by a built-in optical sensor. To prevent any degradation of the samples, a cooling plate can be positioned below the sample plate. The only manual intervention required for the process is supplying the samples and selecting a suitable program. As an option, a load-check of the vessels can be performed if necessary. All these features combined, ensure that the integrity of the samples is maintained throughout the PCR process.

Exceptional flexibility

The TubeSealer is incredibly flexible when it comes to throughput, vessel type, vessel dimensions, liquid volume and communication interface. The instrument can be used equally well for any throughput; low- medium or high. It is compatible with a wide range of tube sizes and designs, such as single tubes, tube strips, 96-well plates, discs, conveyor belts, etc. The bead dispenser can be adapted to different bead sizes required for various diameters of the tubes. The instrument is also compatible with different interfaces, so that data can be transferred via both a cloud, WLAN and bluetooth. The instrument is designed in the way that is possible to seamlessly integrate instrument software compliant with the SiLA standard for software control. These properties truly demonstrate the flexibility of the automated sealing process carried out by the TubeSealer module.

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