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HSE•AG draws on its unique experience gained from developing automated systems for a diverse range of workflows in life science and molecular diagnostics. Based on this extensive knowledge, we understand the challenges of your workflow and how to overcome them. HSE•AG has a broad spectrum of OEM modules that act as building blocks when developing new automated solutions. They can be easily customized for use in your automated workflow reducing the time-to-market and risk in your project.


  • Pre-developed, proven technologies
  • Customizable
  • Integratable
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Designed with the lab in mind
  • IVD ready

Our OEM Modules

Tube Sealer Module
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Whether you are looking for new technical approaches to automate laboratory workflows, you need to ensure regulatory compliance of your product, or you want to reduce costs and shorten the time-to-market, we have the tools to ensure your business growth. We specialize in turning ideas into cutting-edge solutions, so simply contact us and tap into our technology and application knowledge.

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"Our clients have diverse needs, and the partnership with HSE•AG enables us to successfully match system development needs with innovative solutions. We can tap into HSE•AG’s wealth of experience in systems development, automated workflow solutions, applications, and industrialization to develop customized solutions and help our customers bring products to market."
Colin A. Baron, MBA
Chrysalis Biomedical Advisors, Inc.
"HSE•AG is a premier service provider for system design and development in the life sciences and diagnostics. The highly engaged HSE•AG team delivers unique solutions and the best service to customers, making them a reliable and competent partner. HSE•AG’s agility and expertise, resulting from extensive experience in developing full workflow solutions, have contributed very significantly to our business growth. QIAGEN’s mission of “making improvements in life possible” has significantly benefitted from HSE•AG’s capabilities and we look forward to further successes."
Peer Schatz, CEO
“In HSE, we have found an expert partner for the development of a complex microfluidic interface and its integration into our modular cell analysis platform."
Marco Di Berardino, Founder
"HSE•AG is a highly experienced team that has developed a wide range of revolutionary solutions for the life science tools and diagnostics industries."
Thomas Schweins, Senior Vice President, Life Science Business Area and Human Resources
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